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Not all arthritis treatment is what can be called "enjoyable".

On the other hand, if you are one of the millions who suffer from the painful effects of this debilitating condition, there's not much that seems worse. The pain experienced by those afflicted with this condition is often so severe that, for many, the simplest movement can cause anguish and even tears. But, there are treatments to help arthritis.

Can they cure it?

Not yet, but many products have proven to be effective in fighting off the pain.

First, there are different types of arthritis. The causes of each will help to determine the treatment. But, here, we will talk mainly of the treatment options available and then those that are quite possibly the best at treating rheumatoid arthritis.

The symptom of arthritis that people notice first is generally the pain.

There is pain in the joints in a way that limits the amount of movement a person has. Now, remember as well, that arthritis can strike any individual, not necessarily just older people. So, if a child stops using a limb complaining of pain, he or she probably needs to see a doctor.  On top of this, if pain is accompanied by fever, a doctor should be seen immediately as this can be a sign of a deadlier form of arthritis known as septic arthritis.

In all cases, arthritis is an inflammation in the joints. The problem in rheumatoid arthritis is that, in trying to deal with the inflammation, the immune system ends up attacking the cartilage in the joints. The end result is pain and lessened use of the effected joint.

In order to stop this process, arthritis treatments can be anything from surgery to medications.

There is some good news about medications, but in the end, they can not resolve the entire problem, but only mask the pain for a while. Surgery is invasive and costly. Physical treatment is available and has shown good progress in helping some patients. There are also herbal remedies that have shown good signs of helping as well.

There is one product that we would like to mention in a little more detail. What is so unique about this product, though, is that it is a natural treatment that can be taken to help ease the pain of arthritis.

In the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis in particular, collagen type II can be just as good as a cure to some individuals. This natural substance is actually a major component of cartilage itself. But, with this oral treatment, no injections are needed. In other words, you simply take a pill. There are many reasons why this medication works, but one of the important ones is the fact that it has an absorption rate of 70 to 90 percent. This means more of it is used by the body and fewer doses are needed. And, after all, no matter what the ingredients are in a product, they are worthless if the body cannot extract, absorb, and use them.

Better yet, there are some other reasons why it works so well.

For instance, the immune system has a component of cells in the intestine called the GALT, or gut-associated lymphoid tissue.

It is in the GALT that proteins are recognized as food, or "friend". These substances are recognized as "okay" and are NOT treated as allergies or sensitivities by the digestive system.

When collagen type II is taken into the body, the GALT recognizes this amino acid as a friendly protein. This automatically switches off the immune system's potential attack on collagen found elsewhere in the body as in arthritic joints. With "friend" or "foe" established, instead of the immune system fighting the inflammation and destroying the remaining beneficial material, the GALT's message to the immune system is to "stand down".

The combination of these two factors can help to restore a normal way of life.

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