The acai berry has many health benefits, but, can it be used for the treatment of depression?

Acai Benefits - Treatment for Depression?
By Donovan Baldwin

Generally, people with depression are prescribed antidepressants.

Click here for acai benefitsUnfortunately, there are many potential unwanted side effects with antidepressants, and, many people just don't like to use prescription medications for their depression.

Fortunately, there are natural alternatives that can help some people deal with their depression.

While no one should ever attempt to "treat" depression by themselves, if there is a natural product or supplement which can help, it might not be a bad idea to give it a long as you are willing to accept that it might not work as well for you as it did for somebody else. Keep an open mind and be willing to do whatever is necessary to treat your depression. It's worth it.

YOU are worth it!

Recently, some investigators have come to belive that a popular weight loss aid, the acai berry, may be of benefit to those suffering with depression.

It would seem that, if there is an acai benefit which might be considered a treatment for depression, it is probably more of a secondary nature. That is, it helps alleviate some symptoms of depression which makes it easier to live with the condition.

The acai berry is found on the acai palm in the rainforests of Brazil. It is very small, and, the berry, plucked from the tree, is 90% seed.

However, the actual fruit, the other 10%, of the acai berry appears to be densely packed with nutrients which, while not treating depression directly, can have a beneficial effect on the symptoms of depression.

The acai berry already has a reputation as a weight loss aid. It helps improve fat oxidation, revs up the metabolism, helps to increase energy and fight fatigue...all of which help a person become more active, burn fat, and lose weight.

These are the most commonly touted acai benefits.

Obviously, none of these benefits, as great as they are, sound like the acai is an actual treatment for depression.

However, having more energy, experiencing less fatigue, and, in general, being more upbeat about life, can be a powerful tool for many it the management of their depression.

The acai berry also is high in antioxidants, which are valuable for overall good health. It can also help reduce inflammation, aid in communications at the cellular level, including in the brain, and help the body maintain levels of serotonin, which is valuable in maintaining a healthier mental state.

Another of the indirect acai benefits is weight management. Weight gain often accompanies depression, sometimes creating a self-fulfilling cycle. Depression causes weight gain, which adds to depression which causes weight gain....and eventually physical ill-health to add to the problems of an already-depressed person.

As I said, the acai berry itself is very small, is difficult to obtain, as the acai benefits tend to last for about 24 hours after the fruit is picked, and, you would need a great many of these small fruits to get enough of the active ingredients contained in them, to have an affect on your health.

However, there are acai berry supplements, such as Acai Berry Select, which contain carefully extracted and processed ingredients in strong enough doses to help work for weight loss, and, perhaps even for the treatment of depression.

So, while acai benefits might not include an actual treatment for depression, an acai berry supplement can be a tool for helping with weight managment, low energy, fatigue, and a dreary outlook on life.

Acai Benefits - Treatment for Depression?
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