Circuit7 Ripcords DVD - Resistance Band Workout DVD

Resistance Band Workout DVD
Were you aware that resistance bands are a great way to keep your joints healthy while building muscle and maintaining fitness.

The Circuit7 routine incorporates the proven results of circuit training, and takes it to another level.

Because you hold the next exercise in your hands, it allows for rapid movement from exercise to exercise. This means you do not waste time moving from machine to machine, waiting in line, or reconfiguring your all-in-one home machine.

Circuit7 Ripcords offers 3 different circuit training routines using resistance bands. It is the most efficient full body workout ever, allowing you to get the benefits of a full-body 40 minute workout in just 7 minutes!

Circuit7 Ripcords DVD - Resistance Band Workout DVD - $20.95
What Muscles Can You Work With Resistance Bands?

Chest (pectorals), Arms (biceps and triceps), Shoulders (trapezius and deltoid), Upper and Lower Back (including latissimus dorsi), Thighs, Calves, and Buttocks.

Resistance Band Workout Tips

The key to exercising muscles with resistance bands is to take it slow. Whatever the workout may be, use a slow motion-like movement. Keep active muscles flexed and involved throughout each exercise movement, and hold the extended position for a second before releasing the contraction.

You can also use the resistance provided by exercise bands for doing isometric exercises as well.

Resistance Bands
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