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Regular moderate exercise is an excellent method of stress management.

Exercise And Stress Reduction
By Donovan Baldwin

I know that "exercise" may not be the most exciting word in your vocabulary, but it sure is a word associated with a lot of benefits. Participating in a daily exercise program will not only make you healthier in general, but it can also lower the negative effect of stress on your body as well.

Let's talk about exercise and stress management.

A Link Between Exercise and Stress Reduction?

Think about all the times you have heard someone say something like, "the doctor says it's stress related". This happened to me several years ago, and I bet it has happened to you or someone you know. Normally we will just laugh it off, concluding that doctors say that when they don't know the real answers or diagnosis. However, from personal experience, I know better. The truth of the matter is that too much stress can play a role in many conditions and diseases.

Stress has been shown capable of disturbing the body's natural internal balance. This leads to physical symptoms, including headaches, upset stomach, increased blood pressure, chest pains, sexual dysfunction, and difficulty falling asleep, or poor sleep quality, just to name a few.

Emotional problems can be the result of stress as well. These problems can include depression, panic attacks, or other forms of anxiety and worry. Even more chilling is the fact that current research indicates that stress also can evoke or worsen certain symptoms or diseases. Stress has been linked to six of the leading causes of death. These include heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver, and even suicide.

Exercise has been shown to relieve stress.

Even if exercise and stress reduction were not linked, exercise can increase the effectiveness of your immune system and and combat many of the conditions outlined above. Exercise, or activity, is the key word here. Bending, stretching, reaching and walking are all components of exercise which can help relieve stress and combat the effects of stress. There is really no need to buy expensive equipment or hire a personal trainer, either, as you can easily insert more movement into your daily routine and reap the benefits.

Ways exercise and stress reduction can be introduced.

If you like aerobic exercise (cardio), you should grab a partner and have a blast, Dancing with the Oldies, with one of the basic aerobic videos by Richard Simmons or others. Or, you could simply go out for a brisk walk and enjoy spending time together. Walking really is the best overall exercise you can do for your health. As long as you have a good pair of walking shoes, you'll be fine with a few minutes of brisk walking four to six times a week.

As you go through your daily activities, make it a point to walk a little farther than you normally are accustomed to. Bend down and pick something up without using a pick up tool or moving the item towards you with your foot. While you are sitting, you could also do some simple and quick stretches for your neck and shoulders.

A simple tension buster is simply to raise your shoulders up towards your head and let them drop several times.

If you enjoy sitting around watching television during the day or in the evening, you might want to think about buying a jogging board. These padded boards will make running, jumping, or walking in place less stressful on your knees and joints. They are also easy to store and are portable as well. Even without any equipment, however, the humble walk is still a great deal and is better for you than sitting in front of the TV.

Many feel that jogging boards are the best pieces of equipment you can buy. I have to admit, they are also far cheaper than bulky treadmills and stationary bikes, but all will be great if you are thinking about exercise and stress reduction.

Walking is an Excellent Exercise for Stress Reduction

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If you want a somewhat formal exercise program, there are several different exercises that you can do to help you eliminate the stress in your life. Of these, walking is by far the best, as you can easily lose yourself and your troubles by walking. Even if it is just around the block, walking can do wonders for your health as well as stress. Studies have shown that a long, brisk walk can have many of the same health effects as regular meditation...which is an excellent way to relieve stress without exercise.

If you, as so many other people, have a lot of stress in your life, you might consider joining a gym. Working out and then relaxing in the sauna is a good way to relieve tension. If your gym has a pool, you will find swimming to be very beneficial as well, as it really helps you to relax.

Exercise and stress reduction go hand in hand. Give it a try. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the results.

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Exercise and Managing Stress
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