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About the Protein Diet Foods from Diet Direct

What about the Protein Diet Foods from Diet Direct ?

Our wide selection of specially designed high protein diet foods offers the flavor and variety you crave allowing you to maintain your diet to promote faster weight loss. The same medical grade protein foods used by hospitals, physicians and weight loss clinics are now available to you without the pain and hassle of expensive subscriptions, complicated contracts or insurance company red tape.

Please explain how protein diet foods can help me lose weight.

Protein is an essential nutrient and is needed by the body for all tissue repairs. It is also more satisfying than most carbohydrate foods.

How much weight can I lose with high protein diet foods?

It is difficult to predict that. Each of us is different, and weight loss will depend on a combination of many factors, including age, sex, genetics and physical activity.

Should I only eat high protein diet foods to lose weight?

No, that is not a good idea. While high protein diet foods are an important part of a healthy eating plan, you should eat a wide range of foods including plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

How do the high protein diet foods taste?

There is a wide range of delicious high protein diet foods, including puddings, shakes, meal bars, and smoothies. Many of these are the same foods available in the popular Wonderslim Diet Plan, also from Diet Direct.

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Protein Diet Foods from Diet Direct
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