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Rockie Road Protein Diet Bars

Rockie Road Protein Diet Bars
Protein Diet Bar Rockie Road (7 ct) - BariWise - $12.95

BariWise Protein Bars - Rockie Road
7 Servings Per Box

Smooth out your bumpiest diet ride with the soothing taste of these gluten-free, high protein snack bars.

The delicious blend of the flavors of chocolate, marshmallow and peanuts will entertain your taste buds, while the special protein core provides 14 grams of high quality protein in every 170 calorie serving.

Key features of BariWise Rockie Road Protein Bars:

  • 170 Calories Per Bar
  • High Protein - 14 grams Per Bar
  • Lower Fat - 7 grams Per Bar
  • Low Cholesterol - 5mg
  • Trans Fat Free
  • Gluten Free Snack
  • Aspartame Free Diet Bars
  • Great Alternate Source of Calcium and Iron

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Rockie Road Protein Diet Bars
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