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Caramel Brownie Protein Diet Bar

Protein Diet Bar Caramel Brownie (7 ct) - BariWise - $12.95

BariWise Protein Bars - Caramel Brownie
7 Servings Per Box

Is it possible that too much of too many good things could be a bad thing?

Some people might think these high protein bars might have too much caramel, while others might think they have too much chocolate, but, almost everyone agrees they taste too much like a top-notch candy bar to be a genuinely healthy addition to a sensible diet plan.

In addition to a deliciously satisfying taste and texture, these high protein caramel brownie diet bars contain 14 grams of protein as well as 8% of the Daily Value of Iron and Calcium in every 180 calorie serving.

Are they too good?

Why don't you decide for yourself after you've had your first taste?

Key features of the BariWise Caramel Brownie Protein Bars:

  • 180 Calories Per Bar
  • High Protein - 14 grams Per Bar
  • Lower Fat - 6 grams Per Bar
  • Low Cholesterol - 5mg
  • Trans Fat Free
  • Aspartame Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Good Source of Calcium and Iron - 8% of the Daily Value

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Caramel Brownie Protein Diet Bar
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