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Bariatric Fusion Sublingual B12 (Cherry-Berry)

Bariatric Fusion Sublingual B12 (Cherry-Berry)
Sublingual B12 Cherry Berry (90 ct) - Bariatric Fusion - $15.99

Bariatric Fusion Sublingual B12 (Cherry-Berry)

An incredibly important nutrient, Vitamin B12 is necessary for the formation of red blood cells, as well as healthy functioning of the brain and nervous system.

A Vitamin B12 deficiency can not only slow your metabolism, and hinder your ability to lose weight, but will almost certainly lead to a host of serious health problems over time.

The Bariatric Fusion Sublingual B12 supplement provides 1000 mcg of this essential vitamin and 200 mcg of Folic Acid in each tablet.

These quick dissolving, pleasant tasting tablets help prevent B12 and Folate deficiencies to keep you going strong as you pursue your healthy lifestyle.

Key Benefits of Bariatric Fusion Sublingual B12:

  • Great tasting, quick dissolving formula
  • 1000mcg of Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin)
  • 50% of your daily value of Folic Acid
  • Sublingual tablets go to work quickly for maximum effectiveness

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Bariatric Fusion Sublingual B12 (Cherry-Berry)
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