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Review: Weight Loss Made Easy - The Ultimate Guide to the Glycemic Index

What's the weight loss secret of many of the big diet plans like Nutrisystem? They use the science of the glycemic index. It works, but it's expensive...unless you learn what glycemic foods and recipes to use yourself.

For more information about how the glycemic index works please click on the link title below:
Easy Weight Loss With Glycemic Index Foods and Recipes. How to Lose Weight and Get Healthier Without Starving Yourself, Depleting Your Energy or Spending a Fortune for Expensive Weight Loss Programs!

May I tell you a story about me and the Glycemic Index?

My name is Donovan Baldwin, and I have been sudying health, exercise, fitness, and nutrition since 1970. I have been writing and publishing articles, a blog and a website on these subjects for nearly a decade. A few years ago, I used to sell Nutrisystem. It's a good weight loss program, or was when I worked with them. If you followed their instructions and ate the food they sold you, you would have lost weight easily.

Click here to learn more about the glycemic indexHowever, there are two drawbacks to weight loss systems like Nutrisystem....they are expensive.and you have to buy their foods.

What if you could go to the grocery store and pick and choose from a wide variety of low glycemic index foods and prepare them using several different glycemic index recipes, get the same weight loss results you would get with expensive weight loss systems...FOR A FRACTION OF THE COST?

You know, when I was selling Nutrisystem, a lady asked me, "why can't I just go to the store, buy these foods myself, and fix them at home?"

At the time, I had never heard of "Weight Loss Made Easy: The Ultimate Guide to the Glycemic Index"., which currently sells for less than $10, by the way.

Back then, I patiently explained to her that to duplicate the expensive, yet effective, weight loss system, she would have to come up with a list of low glycemic index foods, gather a bunch of glycemic index recipes, plan her meals in advance, and then go to the grocery store and shop for what she needed.

The beauty of the pre-packaged wieght loss plan was that they delivered several pre-packageed pre-prepared meals to your door....for a helthy fee, of course.

Well, the years have passed and I no longer sell Nutrisystem. Despite the fact that my team and I were selling millions of dollars of product every year, they decided that running slick TV ads with people like Marie Osmond, Dan Marino, and Terry Bradshaw would make them even more money, so they got rid of several hundred people like me...independent Nutrisystem distributers.

No problem. Business is business, and I am definitely NOT Dan Marino or Marie Osmond. Heck, I'm not even Terry Bradshaw!

Even with my personal dissapointment at losing a lucrative business, I knew one thing...the weight loss products they sold, which were based on a balanced diet build around low glycemic index foods was one of the best weight loss programs I had ever seen!

I went my merry way, selling other products ove the years.

Then, one day, I realized that I had put on a lot of excess weight myself! I immediately tjhought of Nutrisystem, but I was still mad over losing that great income so suddenly, and, like many people, I didn't want to pop several hundred dollars a week for meals delivered to my door...some of which did NOT taste all that good, by the way.

That's when I started searching the Internet for a simple, inexpensive way to put the glycemic index to work for my own personal weight loss needs. That search led me to "Weight Loss Made Easy: The Ultimate Guide to the Glycemic Index".

To make a long story short, when I started following the principles of the glycemic index, as outlined in "Weight Loss Made Easy: The Ultimate Guide to the Glycemic Index",

I lost 10 lbs in the first 8 days...


Here's the Bottom Line on This Amazing Weight Loss Resource:

"Weight Loss Made Easy: The Ultimate Guide to the Glycemic Index", contains all the information, advice and tools you need to start eating healthier by lowering the Glycemic Load of your daily food and drink consumption.

All you have to do is get this ebook, read it and follow its simple advice and in no time, you'll lose weight - lots and lots of weight - while boosting your energy and improving your health at the same time. And what could possibly be better than that!

If you need more information about how to use the glycemic index in a personal weight loss plan you will find a very informative website at Weight Loss Made Easy: The Ultimate Guide to the Glycemic Index.

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Review of Weight Loss Made Easy: The Untimate Guide to the Glycemic Index
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