3 Layer Reversible COVID-19 Face Mask from Kiyonna

Fashionable COVID-19 Face Masks

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What are the Fashionable COVID-19 Face Masks

Fashionable COVID-19 Face Masks Available in 4 Colors/Patterns.

This 3-ply 100% cotton, reversible, reusable/washable cloth unisex face mask is not only comfortable, but is stylish and available in two styles, and several colors and patterns, while providing appropriate non-medical grade protection. Created in consultation with a local hospital, our Masker-AID masks meet CDC recommendations for protective cloth face coverings. Masker-AID masks have three layers of protection.

Two layers of 100% soft cotton comprise the outer layers of the mask, and the natural fiber content promotes breathability without restriction. Its tightly woven properties help prevent particle infiltration both internally and externally. A third layer of filtration on the inside provides an additional barrier of protection. We recommend hand washing gently with household detergent and lying flat to dry. Wash before wear.

After exhaustive testing, Masker-AID also fits “snugly but comfortably against the side of the face” as CDC guidelines suggest. We were able to engineer enough contouring around the nose to fit snugly across the cheeks and below the chin while creating the right amount of tension to keep the mask in place. We wore our designs for hours to ensure you can too!

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Fashionable COVID-19 Face Masks