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Mountain Bike Parts

Want to build or repair your own mountain bike? Check out our huge supply of top quality, name brand mountain bike parts.

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Mountain Bike Frames
Make your own mountain bike and start with these top quality mountain bike frames.

Mountain Bike Forks
Make, upgrade, or repair your own mountain bike and start with these top quality mountain bike forks.

Mountain Bike Tires
A broad selection of the best bike tires for your mountain bike.

Build, repair, or upgrade your bike with these top quality wheels.

Get the tools you need for working on your bike.

Bike Shoes
Specifically designed bike shoes can make your bike riding experience more satisfying and productive.

Cambria Outfitter - Mountain Road Cycles, Parts, and Accessories

Way back in 1986 when
Cambria Bicycle Outfitter, known today as CBO, was founded in the coastal hills south of the Big Sur forest, it was for one reason. So those who love bikes could ride the world’s coolest bikes in the best place on earth.

Yeah, you can ride other places, I guess. After all, Durango’s got great cycling, and Mt. Tam’s not too bad. But, when it comes to Big Sur and bikes, there’s a reason William Randolph Hearst built his crazy castle just down the road from us. This place is just plain sick. That’s why CBO is here, and for more than a decade...still living the dream.

They invite you to come ride with them sometime and find out for yourself why they are where they are, doin' what they do.

Mountain Bike Parts
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